Augmented Reality (AR) for Hotels: Where’s it Going?

It’s been over four years since early adopters of Google Glass began to show up in public spaces. Since then, the technology has been pulled from the consumer market and focused on professional settings, such as aiding workers on assembly lines.

One of the commonly cited reasons for the initial failure of Google Glass is the “disconnection” it creates between people. When you see someone wearing those glasses, you don’t know what they are seeing or analyzing. Aside from social discord, it raises real concerns about privacy in a world where abuse of personal data is already a problem.

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Social Media Strategy for Small to Medium Hotels

Social media is a relatively new development in hospitality (as in any industry), but it already has a history. It can be studied. Bestselling books can be written about it. Such is the pace of change in 21st century commerce. The need to be forward-thinking and forward-looking is critical for hoteliers.

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Regarding that Sad Little Hotel Business Centre

The idea of clumsy features being phased out altogether is something we’ve gotten used to with technology — Apple is a great example. The company is constantly doing away with ports, drives and other features in order to create a more slim line product that redefines what’s useful and necessary.

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