AirBnB vs. The Hospitality Industry: A Trend Toward the Personal

The most recent valuation of AirBnB is over $13 billion, putting it in league with the world’s largest hotel chains. If current rates of growth continue, the peer-to-peer network will soon be worth more than Hilton Worldwide Holdings, which is currently valued at nearly $20 billion.


What does this prove? First, that AirBnB can no longer be described as a thorn in the side of the hospitality industry. And second, while AirBnB can never completely replace the traditional hospitality market, it can certainly show it how to evolve.

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What has personality got to do with it? 3 reasons your hotel can’t just be good looks

What’s so special about your favourite café? Have you ever really thought about it? Sure, there are basic reasons that keep you coming back: The coffee is fresh, the pastry is good and the chairs are comfortable. Perhaps the location is convenient.


Staff is another big reason. A smiling, familiar face is nice to see when you come through the door. When it comes to the hospitality business, the value of attentive staff can hardly be overstated.

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Why Do We Update Software, but Not Staff?

Standup comedians have been joking for years about the struggle to keep up with technology. Driving home with a new laptop in your front seat, you see a billboard for the up-and-coming super-thin version. Showing off your new smart phone at the office, a colleague pulls out a superior model with more memory and a larger screen. The examples are endless, and they really do happen to people every day.

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