Tuning Your Hotel’s Engine: In Search of Occupancy (Part One)

Any seasoned hotelier knows that occupancy is only one piece of the puzzle. It’s just not as simple as filling as many rooms as you can. If it were, you could simply offer rooms for a dollar and achieve 100% occupancy overnight. You might even be able to enjoy this perfect number for a month or two before going bust.

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Independent, Franchised or Branded: Which Path Should Your Hotel Take?

In 2010, when the Bitcoin (XBT) was worth next to nothing, an early adopter paid 10,000 XBT for two pizzas. Today, that payment is worth over $6 million. A very steep price indeed for a midnight snack.

Of course, the value of that payment could rise or drop dramatically. This time next year, two pizzas for 10,000 XBT might seem like a fantastic deal. That’s the nature of a high risk-high reward investment. Government bonds are a safer bet, but they won’t make you rich overnight.

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Hotels or AirBnB: Ladies and Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

Imagine walking into a casino, approaching the Roulette table and seeing only two squares on the bright green betting surface: One for hotels, the other for AirBnB.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” says the dealer. “Place your bets.”

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