Loyalty: why you should give a flying duck

Ask anyone who in a position of leadership what they value most in a team member and invariably the word “loyalty” will arise.

Other attitudes and skills of course are required in any role, but if a staff member has all the skills but no loyalty and leaves you at a critical moment, what use are they? Or, if you have built a great sporting team and an integral person in your plan decides not to turn up or loses focus, what happens to the rest of the team?

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A Visit to the Global Expo: the most valuable lessons I learned

London’s Hyde Park in 1851 must have really been something. Visitors entered a giant structure of steel and glass known as the Crystal Palace, and proceeded to wander for hours in a sea of displays: A fax machine prototype, a gigantic hydraulic press, artifacts from ancient civilisations, and even the world’s largest diamond. It was a golden age of innovation and discovery. The Great Exhibition of London was ground zero.

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Putting the SERVICE in Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments have been growing in popularity with travelers for a long time now, especially in recent years as people who were traveling more and staying longer started to want more space and self-service. The convenience of a self-contained unit combined with aspects of hotel service is a desirable alternative for guests who require more independence but still need the support of helpful staff.

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