Is Multi-Branding the Future of Hotels?

The old adage that necessity is the mother of invention is as true for our industry as it is for any other — and with the recent explosion of accommodation choices, definitions have continued to morph. When a businessperson books a trip, they don’t just look at “traditional” hotels anymore — oh no. They look at private apartments all over the city. They look at aparthotels and serviced condos. They may even consider “coliving spaces” with access to private quarters, dedicated workspaces and networking opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t have existed.

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Why You Should Think Carefully About Your Hotel’s Complimentary Breakfast

“Good hotel, bad breakfast.”

If you plug this phrase into Google, you’ll find a litany of guest reviews for hotels all over the world, from boutiques in Ireland to big chains here in Australia. The common thread running through these reviews is that a given hotel’s free breakfast was more trouble than it was worth. Either that or it was not worth the trouble at all.

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How Employee Wellness Affects Hotel Performance

Once upon a time, there were people called alchemists who dedicated their entire lives to the search for an elusive substance that turned base metals into gold or silver. This substance was known as the “philosopher’s stone” and was also thought to grant immortality. Efforts to discover it were known as the Great Work. Now, of course, alchemy and the philosopher’s stone have been relegated to the realm of historical curiosity, other than when they turn up in the name of a Harry Potter movie.

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