Hotels or AirBnB: Ladies and Gentlemen, Place Your Bets

Imagine walking into a casino, approaching the Roulette table and seeing only two squares on the bright green betting surface: One for hotels, the other for AirBnB.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” says the dealer. “Place your bets.”

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Can My Hotel Still Surf the Christmas Marketing Wave?

One of my favourite old-time movies is “Holiday Inn”, from where the famous hotel group took its name. The plot involves a typically convoluted love triangle however Bing Crosby plays a former vaudeville singer who retires to the country, only to miss the spotlight and so decides to open his farmhouse to the public, but only on holidays.

Famous for launching the second highest selling song of all time, “White Christmas”, the movie tapped in to all the simpler aspects of Christmas that people identify with – snow, music and holidays.

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Wisdom from the Front Desk

When I was a young receptionist at a 5 star hotel in the late 1970s, my colleague and I had a brilliant idea: Use Australian slang to spice up guest interactions. We called the women “luv” and the men “mate.” When someone asked to use the house phone, we offered the handset and told them to “ask the Sheila on the other end to help”.  Gulp!

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