Why Do Some Hotels have the Luck of the Irish?

While reading an article on St. Patrick’s Day, I was surprised to learn that “the luck of the Irish” originates not from ancient folklore, but from 19th century gold prospecting in North America.

People from all over the world were making a mad dash for riches during...

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Are Hospitality Workers Burning out?

It’s official: Workers in the hospitality industry are burned out. Not all of them, of course, but a high percentage.  An annual survey by the Dutch government—known as the Permanent Life Situation Survey—puts the number at one in seven which is one of the highest rate...

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What Can the Hospitality Industry Learn from Surfing?

This month celebrates the 6th Australian Open of Surfing, a competition that only seems to be getting bigger. And for a huge number of Australians, it’s not just about watching on TV. The International Surfing Association estimates 3.5 million active surfers in Australia. Even if this is a liberal estimate, it’s an awfully big number.

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