Why Are Hotel Restaurants Empty?

We’ve all seen it: A busy hotel with a quiet restaurant. A little too quiet, in fact. Every time you walk by, the Restaurant Supervisor seems lonely. The tables are uniformly set, but no one is using them. There might be one or two patrons watching sport at the bar, but there is no lively conversation, no clinking cutlery, no wait staff hurrying to keep up

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House of (Business) Cards

A March release date has been set for season four of the popular Netflix series House of Cards. Speculation on plot lines has already reached a fever pitch, and when the big day comes, you can bet there will be a whole lot of cars tucked into their garages. Even Barack Obama admits to being a fan.

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Australia’s Historic Hotels: Why They Endure

Photograph © David Simmonds / www.simmonds.com.au

If you look at hospitality trends worldwide, you might get the sense that history and tradition are moving steadily down the totem pole. All of the clicks, shares, likes and Tweets are focused on hotels carved from ice,...

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