Is Your Hotel a Comedy of Errors?

Melbourne’s hotels are full of stand-up comedians this month, and as a professional in the hospitality industry, I have to wonder if any of their experiences will find a way onto the stage. After all, an event like the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is full of...

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Why Mandarin Matters in Australian Hotels

In 2015, the Sydney Morning Herald ran an article about the global race for Chinese tourist dollars—and specifically, how Australia was losing that race.

This may be hard to believe, considering the current statistics from Tourism Australia. The 2015 report on China s...

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Why Are Big Hotel Brands Getting Smaller?

If you were (or are) an executive for a chain hotel, you couldn’t (or can’t) help but wonder how your property might tap into the river of profit that is flowing into the shared economy.

As AirBnb continues to grow a new slice of the global market, it’s clear that more guests are seeking local flavor in their accommodation choices. Why stay at a sterile, globally branded hotel when you can embed yourself in a local neighbourhood, with local art on the walls and artisan coffee in the cupboard? This may sound harsh, but many people are framing the question this way. Especially those who’ve already had positive experiences with the share model, and consistently look to it first when traveling. Many good local apartments are available with no branding at all. Except of course for the property owners themselves.

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