Can Bad Hotel Reviews Be Hacked Out of Existence?

In the wake of Edward Snowden’s whistleblowing back in 2013, the Russian Federal Guard made an order for typewriters. Some documents, they decided, are better kept out of cyberspace altogether. Old-fashioned paper archives are not connected to anything. In a heavily guarded facility, you’d have to be James Bond to get ahold of them.

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Are Robots Taking Over Hotels?

In last week’s post, we talked about The Matrix and how the ability to see and interpret big data is the future of success in the hospitality industry. There’s another theme in that film that applies—or will soon apply—to hotels and hotel management.

Namely the rise of artificial intelligence, how it will be applied to the work we do, and how it might change the service experience for guests. Before everything went south in The Matrix, machines must have dominated the service industry and might things quite a bit easier for people. But even if robotic service is easier, would it be better?

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Forget the Lobby: Renovate Your Hotel's Loyalty Program

Have you ever checked into a hotel and been let down by the way things have changed since the last time you stayed? You’re not alone. I searched Google for Tripadvisor reviews containing the phrase “not what it used to be” and got 50+ pages of results. People don’t like their expectations dashed, and that’s part of what makes hotel management so challenging. The years chip away at even the most impeccable finishes. Grout gets mouldy, carpet gets stained, wood gets tarnished. Running a successful hotel requires a great deal of vigilance. If we rest on our laurels and allow the physical aspects to wither, our credibility (and bottom line) will wither too.

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