Are Hotels Taking Minimalism Too Far?

Back in 2010, a book called The 100 Thing Challenge began flying off the shelves. It’s a personal story about the power of de-cluttering, and a call to action for readers who feel weighed down by the accumulation of material possessions. Readers are challenged to ask themselves: Could I be happier with only 100 things?

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5 Hotel Design Problems and How to Solve Them

A hotel is a puzzle. When all the pieces come together, it works. Design, location, branding and management are all important pieces — and the picture is constantly changing. Many of the design concepts considered standard today were unheard of twenty years ago. So was the word “millennial.” We hoteliers truly face a landscape that is truly changing.

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To Script or Not to Script? Shifting Trends in Hotel Service

The celebrated actress Meryl Streep once said that “acting is not about being someone different,” but rather about “finding myself in there.”

If we look into quotes about scripts and acting, we run into a lot of stuff like this — and it’s all very fascinating in the context of high stakes movie making. But what does it tell us about real life? After all, acting is rampant in the world of service-based industry — especially in the hotel business, where guest interactions are prized and valuable.

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