What can hotels learn from star Chefs?

Photo credit: Getty Images. Pictured: Dominique Crenn

There was a time—not too long ago, in fact—when excellent cuisine was associated with fancy tables and haughty waitstaff. Somewhere in the last decade or two, everything got flipped on its head. Instead of a self-as...

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Is there a future for condominium hotels?

If you were fortunate enough to visit the Miami Beach area in the early 1980s (the hair and cars alone would have been worth it), you might have stayed in one of the first ever condominium hotels. Since then, the “condotel” or “aparthotel” has seen its ups and downs as...

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Toy Boats and Oil Tankers: The Advantages of Being a New Hotel Brand

If you were an emerging hotel brand entering the market today—if you were in the process of refining your brand identity—what decisions would you make? If you had a totally clean slate, how would you conceive your hotel’s layout, design, amenities, promotions, name, lo...

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