Why Do We Update Software, but Not Staff?

Standup comedians have been joking for years about the struggle to keep up with technology. Driving home with a new laptop in your front seat, you see a billboard for the up-and-coming super-thin version. Showing off your new smart phone at the office, a colleague pulls out a superior model with more memory and a larger screen. The examples are endless, and they really do happen to people every day.

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3 Ways Technology Transforms Hospitality (and how it doesn’t)

Have you heard anyone say, “it’s a small world” lately? The phrase has been around for a long time, but people seem to be saying it more often as the 21st century rolls ahead.


Who can blame us? Even though the earth’s circumference remains a constant 40,075 kilometers, the world really does seem smaller. It’s no longer unusual to meet someone who has visited five or six continents. The hotel you checked into last month—that beach property with hundreds of glowing customer reviews—has probably been viewed (or even booked) by someone else in your neighbourhood.

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