Does Your Hotel Need a Chief Customer Experience Officer?

In the world of business, trends appear and vanish like so many clouds drifting across the sky. Open plan office spaces are a good example. When millennials entered the workforce – not just as employees, but as visionary leaders of massive tech companies – they turned away from cubicles and offices in favor of open, fluid and flexible workspaces. There were studies and anecdotal evidence to show that tearing down walls could create healthier, more collaborative, more productive team environments.

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How Employee Wellness Affects Hotel Performance

Once upon a time, there were people called alchemists who dedicated their entire lives to the search for an elusive substance that turned base metals into gold or silver. This substance was known as the “philosopher’s stone” and was also thought to grant immortality. Efforts to discover it were known as the Great Work. Now, of course, alchemy and the philosopher’s stone have been relegated to the realm of historical curiosity, other than when they turn up in the name of a Harry Potter movie.

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To Script or Not to Script? Shifting Trends in Hotel Service

The celebrated actress Meryl Streep once said that “acting is not about being someone different,” but rather about “finding myself in there.”

If we look into quotes about scripts and acting, we run into a lot of stuff like this — and it’s all very fascinating in the context of high stakes movie making. But what does it tell us about real life? After all, acting is rampant in the world of service-based industry — especially in the hotel business, where guest interactions are prized and valuable.

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