The Untapped Potential of Day Rates

If you read blogs written by and for hoteliers, I’m sure you’ve noticed that much of the conversation is centered on physical spaces — tearing down outdated concepts and building new ones that help hotels perform better with guests. Lobbies, common areas and guest rooms are constantly being reinvented to give people (particularly millennials) more of what they want.

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Forget the Lobby: Renovate Your Hotel's Loyalty Program

Have you ever checked into a hotel and been let down by the way things have changed since the last time you stayed? You’re not alone. I searched Google for Tripadvisor reviews containing the phrase “not what it used to be” and got 50+ pages of results. People don’t like their expectations dashed, and that’s part of what makes hotel management so challenging. The years chip away at even the most impeccable finishes. Grout gets mouldy, carpet gets stained, wood gets tarnished. Running a successful hotel requires a great deal of vigilance. If we rest on our laurels and allow the physical aspects to wither, our credibility (and bottom line) will wither too.

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Tuning Your Hotel’s Engine: In Search of Occupancy (Part Two)

In part one of this series, I used the image of tuning an engine to illustrate a really important process for hotels: Determining what business to take, and at what rate.

Tuning this engine is an ongoing challenge, especially for major city hoteliers. No matter how well things are going, there’s always a thought in the back of your head: How long will this boom last, and for how long should I lock in business?

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