Hotels: Why Going Local is Not Just About Soap

Whenever there’s a defining moment or change in a particular industry, ideas tend to shift together like a flock of birds. Often, a business trend is emulated without much thought. If people want local coffee and bath products in their hotel rooms, for example, let’s find a local provider for these things. Let’s deliver what people want. Let’s provide a convincing appearance, in the most economical way possible. When the next idea comes along, we’ll provide a convincing appearance of that.


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Why Are Hotels Embracing Local Culture?

Experimenting has always been an important part of the human experience.

The world’s best chefs are constantly inventing new fusions, trying things in new combinations. Bartenders are always playing around with new types of alcohol to see what works well together; and in employment, there’s a high value on flexibility and location independence as millennials seek to blend work and play. In hospitality, the ability to experience local cultures adds a new spin on travel and if you stay with a local, what better way to do that?

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AirBnB vs. The Hospitality Industry: A Trend Toward the Personal

The most recent valuation of AirBnB is over $13 billion, putting it in league with the world’s largest hotel chains. If current rates of growth continue, the peer-to-peer network will soon be worth more than Hilton Worldwide Holdings, which is currently valued at nearly $20 billion.


What does this prove? First, that AirBnB can no longer be described as a thorn in the side of the hospitality industry. And second, while AirBnB can never completely replace the traditional hospitality market, it can certainly show it how to evolve.

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