Are Hotels Taking Minimalism Too Far?

Back in 2010, a book called The 100 Thing Challenge began flying off the shelves. It’s a personal story about the power of de-cluttering, and a call to action for readers who feel weighed down by the accumulation of material possessions. Readers are challenged to ask themselves: Could I be happier with only 100 things?

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The Evolution of the Hotel Lobby

The flat screen TV, when it became widely available around the turn of the millennium, was a godsend to hotel owners and guests. It took away the need for bulky furniture at the foot of the bed, allowing sleek sets to go right on the wall. This effectively made rooms larger, not to mention the giant leap forward in terms of aesthetics.

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What has personality got to do with it? 3 reasons your hotel can’t just be good looks

What’s so special about your favourite café? Have you ever really thought about it? Sure, there are basic reasons that keep you coming back: The coffee is fresh, the pastry is good and the chairs are comfortable. Perhaps the location is convenient.


Staff is another big reason. A smiling, familiar face is nice to see when you come through the door. When it comes to the hospitality business, the value of attentive staff can hardly be overstated.

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