Poshtels: A New Combination of Values

The race for new concepts in hospitality is nowhere near the finish. It’s a constant interplay between professional and accessible, private and social, comfort and economy. It’s not all about the mattress anymore. It’s about delivering the right experience to the people who want it.

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Are Robots Taking Over Hotels?

In last week’s post, we talked about The Matrix and how the ability to see and interpret big data is the future of success in the hospitality industry. There’s another theme in that film that applies—or will soon apply—to hotels and hotel management.

Namely the rise of artificial intelligence, how it will be applied to the work we do, and how it might change the service experience for guests. Before everything went south in The Matrix, machines must have dominated the service industry and might things quite a bit easier for people. But even if robotic service is easier, would it be better?

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Why Are Hotel Restaurants Empty?

We’ve all seen it: A busy hotel with a quiet restaurant. A little too quiet, in fact. Every time you walk by, the Restaurant Supervisor seems lonely. The tables are uniformly set, but no one is using them. There might be one or two patrons watching sport at the bar, but there is no lively conversation, no clinking cutlery, no wait staff hurrying to keep up

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