Where Are All the Hotel Reviews, and How Do I Keep Track?

If you’re a hotelier who hasn’t been paying much attention to guest reviews, you haven’t been paying attention much at all. A 2016 report found that 96% of TripAdvisor users consider reviews to be an important factor in their booking decisions, while 83% actively read reviews for any property before they make a booking. As guests and travelers, we all know that reviews sway us. Managing your reviews is obviously important.

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Loyalty: why you should give a flying duck

Ask anyone who in a position of leadership what they value most in a team member and invariably the word “loyalty” will arise.

Other attitudes and skills of course are required in any role, but if a staff member has all the skills but no loyalty and leaves you at a critical moment, what use are they? Or, if you have built a great sporting team and an integral person in your plan decides not to turn up or loses focus, what happens to the rest of the team?

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The End of Star Ratings for Hotels?

When I was new to the hotel business, people would start the booking process by cracking open a Michelin or AAA hotel guide. They would locate their desired star-rating, browse the hotels listed, and book a room according to annually published rates. No online ratings, no blogs and no dynamic pricing. It was all nice and neat—the guest trusted the rating agency to do its job, and that was that.

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