Are you a Good Hotel Manager or a Great One?

Chances are, there’s no shortage of inspirational sayings, memes or beautifully designed graphics in any or all of your social feeds. Maybe you’re flipping through a magazine, watching television, or sitting in the dentist’s chair when the words of Helen Keller, Winston Churchill or Richard Branson suddenly grab your attention, and you’ll think to yourself: Yeah, I should really keep that in mind.t


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Are There Any Wellness Trends Your Hotel Can't Ignore?

Remember those electric belts that jiggle your abs into high definition while you watch television? How about the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, the baby food diet? To say nothing of sauna suits and power bracelets?

History—particularly the last few decades—is li...

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Why Are Big Hotel Brands Getting Smaller?

If you were (or are) an executive for a chain hotel, you couldn’t (or can’t) help but wonder how your property might tap into the river of profit that is flowing into the shared economy.

As AirBnb continues to grow a new slice of the global market, it’s clear that more guests are seeking local flavor in their accommodation choices. Why stay at a sterile, globally branded hotel when you can embed yourself in a local neighbourhood, with local art on the walls and artisan coffee in the cupboard? This may sound harsh, but many people are framing the question this way. Especially those who’ve already had positive experiences with the share model, and consistently look to it first when traveling. Many good local apartments are available with no branding at all. Except of course for the property owners themselves.

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