The Great Hotel Amenities Upgrade

Hotel guests are constantly in search of value, savings, upgrades. Why shouldn’t they be? New options are everywhere. People have more information at their fingertips than they know what to do with.
But hoteliers often forget to seek their own upgrades. In the grind of...

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Innovative Hotel Amenities That Get the Industry’s Attention

The blending of news and entertainment—especially in the realm of online journalism – is clearly with us for good. Just visit your favourite news site—Herald Sun, SMH, BBC—and you’ll find stories about travel, dining and lifestyle right alongside the “hard news” of the...

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From sticky fingers to brand evangelists: The case for lost hotel amenities

Slippers, Towels and Branding: The Case For Lost Hotel Amenities


There’s a scene in the movie Casino where a high-stakes gambler is preparing to leave his Las Vegas hotel room. Despite having won over $2 million on the casino floor, we see him filling his suitcase with towels and shampoo. After that, we see him boarding a private jet for the ride home.


Apparently, even the super-rich find those little extras difficult to resist.


Why is this? Maybe it’s the idea that hotels have endless supplies of such things, and taking them does no harm to anyone in particular. Maybe it’s the feeling that, since hotel rooms are ‘home’ for a day or two, everything inside is fair game. Maybe it’s as simple as wanting a souvenir of a pleasant stay. A keepsake that offers a sense of place. 


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