To Script or Not to Script? Shifting Trends in Hotel Service

The celebrated actress Meryl Streep once said that “acting is not about being someone different,” but rather about “finding myself in there.”

If we look into quotes about scripts and acting, we run into a lot of stuff like this — and it’s all very fascinating in the context of high stakes movie making. But what does it tell us about real life? After all, acting is rampant in the world of service-based industry — especially in the hotel business, where guest interactions are prized and valuable.

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Regarding that Sad Little Hotel Business Centre

The idea of clumsy features being phased out altogether is something we’ve gotten used to with technology — Apple is a great example. The company is constantly doing away with ports, drives and other features in order to create a more slim line product that redefines what’s useful and necessary.

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The Hotel Fitness Centre Must Change and Here's Why

Fitness centres have been a part of hotels for a long time — even when wooden rowing machines and leather medicine balls were cutting edge, and when people exercised politely in wool suits and dinner gowns. As the 20th century progressed, new machines and modalities were invented. A fair amount of clothing was shed, and hotels began to incorporate modern fitness concepts into their list of amenities.

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