Why You Should Think Carefully About Your Hotel’s Complimentary Breakfast

“Good hotel, bad breakfast.”

If you plug this phrase into Google, you’ll find a litany of guest reviews for hotels all over the world, from boutiques in Ireland to big chains here in Australia. The common thread running through these reviews is that a given hotel’s free breakfast was more trouble than it was worth. Either that or it was not worth the trouble at all.

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AirBnB is at War with Priceline: Here’s Why You Should Care

It’s been almost ten years since AirBnB was founded by two San Francisco residents who couldn’t afford the rent. The idea was to put an air mattress in their living room and rent the space to short term travelers. Now, the company is more valuable than any hotel chain on the planet. The idea of “living like a local” is a powerful narrative that has captured a significant piece of the global hospitality market, and to say that the founders are eating well is something of an understatement.

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Telling Stories Through Hotels

When the British government built Spitbank Fort in 1879 to deflect invasion by Napoleon’s army, they probably weren’t thinking what a fantastic hotel the floating fortress would make in about a century and a half. The same is undoubtedly true for the city of Boston, whose Charles Street Jail (built in 1848) now attracts business people and holiday makers looking for an unusual hospitality experience in the Olde Towne.

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