Why Hotel Managers Need to Focus More On Who They Hire

One of the biggest Ted Talks on hiring and recruitment is by a woman named Regina Hartley. It’s called “Why the best hire might not have the perfect resumé”, and the message is simple: Managers are conditioned to believe that whoever looks best on paper will turn out to be the right person for the job.

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Why Are Hotels Embracing Local Culture?

Experimenting has always been an important part of the human experience.

The world’s best chefs are constantly inventing new fusions, trying things in new combinations. Bartenders are always playing around with new types of alcohol to see what works well together; and in employment, there’s a high value on flexibility and location independence as millennials seek to blend work and play. In hospitality, the ability to experience local cultures adds a new spin on travel and if you stay with a local, what better way to do that?

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Wisdom from the Front Desk

When I was a young receptionist at a 5 star hotel in the late 1970s, my colleague and I had a brilliant idea: Use Australian slang to spice up guest interactions. We called the women “luv” and the men “mate.” When someone asked to use the house phone, we offered the handset and told them to “ask the Sheila on the other end to help”.  Gulp!

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