4 Ways Your Hotel Can Avoid EOFY Stress

The end of the financial year always comes at the same time—yet for many hotel managers, the timing is never good. A couple of months before EOFY, your to-do list suddenly balloons with financial reporting and budgeting tasks. Maybe there’s a little cash left over from last year’s budget, and you need to spend it in a hurry. What’s more, the sales figures are not as robust as you’d hoped. You’re worried about how upper management will view your performance, so you engineer a big promotion to improve the numbers. This doesn’t quite work as you thought and as a result of all this, you go through twice as much coffee and get half your normal quota of sleep. Eventually the whole thing blows over, and it went just well enough to repeat itself next June. (Or not, and you are now looking for another job, but that’s for another article….)

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